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Garlic Media Group is Denver's experts in Digital Integrated Marketing. We provide Video Production from start to finish, site builds, SEO, and Social Media packages for overall brand development and maintenance in addition to business consulting.
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Garlic Media Group's Clients
Garlic Media Group's Clients
Garlic Media Group's Clients
Garlic Media Group's Clients

Our full service marketing and video production team can work with any and all companies around the world. Contact us to learn more about how we can bring your story to life and get your brand front of the right people.

At Garlic Media Group, we spend our days transforming brand visions into one-of a-kind videos and powerful digital marketing strategies. No matter what your business goals, we have the commitment and experience to help grow your business and tell your story. Professional video production, creative social campaigns, business consultation and online strategies are all within reach when you partner with the Garlic Media Group team.

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As the digital revolution in marketing and advertising continues to evolve, the stakes will only continue to rise. While access to consumers is at an all time high through social media and search engine marketing, the resulting deluge of advertising has a desensitizing effect. Consumers......

Creating connections through networking is essential for success in any enterprise. To accomplish a goal, you need to effectively present your vision to a receptive audience. In both for profit and nonprofit sectors, creating an engaging marketing strategy is key. Despite huge differences in business......

Instagram has grown immensely over the past 6 years from primarily hosting only pictures. Instagram has branched out to incorporate videos, memes, and stories to keep their followers engaged and involved on their social media platform. This shift has given brands a chance to market......

Social media is transforming the way we interact in our daily lives. From the news we read to the things we buy, Facebook is becoming increasingly central to our information diet. For a business to succeed in today’s media landscape, it needs to be ready......

Social media has become a pillar of our society. We use Instagram to connect to people with pictures and hashtags, Twitter for live updates and commentary, and Facebook for personalized communities and groups. There is a social platform to fit every person and their individual......