Choosing a business partner or service provider today can be daunting to say the least. There is no hiding in the fast-paced world of business today. We are all inundated with sales pitches, slick personalities, experts and advocates, so how is it that we can differentiate and choose a partner or providers that will help us achieve exceptional success on the way to our goals?

I say authenticity is the KEY! We are all looking for genuine relationships that are mutually beneficial and successful. I always learned that success breeds success. That is to say, if I focus on helping others succeed I will also succeed.

So really there are two questions: First, what can I do to become more authentic? Second, how do I find others with the same commitment to uncompromising authenticity?

These are my three approaches to the qualities that can separate the wheat from the chaff:

  1. Do what you say. Don’t be afraid of the truth; it is fundamental that you can be trusted and that your word is can always be trusted. Deliver what you say you will, communicate clearly, and set expectations. If you are going to miss a date, fail to meet a deadline or any other breach, communicate clearly before hand.
  2. Don’t be a victim. Never blame others! Take ownership and stand up when others sit down. Don’t look for sympathy from prospects and partners – leadership starts with taking responsibility.
  3. Be consistent. Be who you are, don’t wear different hats. I am the same man at home, to my friends, to my teams, and to my clients. Consistency of character develops deep-rooted standards of behavior. This will shine through to those around you like a light in a dark cave.

When looking for a provider or partner, don’t compromise. Don’t listen to excuses and if it feels slimy, it more than likely is. Trust your intuition and find an individual and team that meet the qualities above (just as a start).

Anybody with sales skills can make their product shine and can “prove” value. But at the end of the day you don’t do business with a product or a service – you do business with a person and a team. And that makes all the difference in the world.

How do you achieve authenticity?

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