How to Create Focused and Authentic Client Relationships


Our clients and prospects don’t care!

They don’t care about our end of month, our quota, our processes or our systems. How do we manage our businesses inspite of the clients lack of concern for how WE do business? At times “doing business” can prevent us from mutually beneficial interactions with our clients and prospects, and they can feel it.


What is it that our clients and prospects do care about (Hint this is also what we should care about):


  • They care deeply about their business. They are interested in their growth, their operational efficiency, their ability to communicate their story effectively to their clients and prospects. How do you align your products or service offerings to your clients needs? How do you effectively “prove” that your offerings align? Do your clients believe it


  • They care about their challenges. In most cases our products and services should be solving problems for our clients. How do you align your solutions to your clients problems? How do you measure success in solving those problems?


  • They care about working with vendors / partners that are focused and authentic. Most businesses need to work with vendors to help them run their business. When they can trust you as a member of their team it eases stress of outside involvement. How does your business do this? How do you ensure that you are providing value and not additional stress? How much do you need to be “managed”?


These are some of the questions that you have to answer for yourself to ensure that your client interactions are focused and authentic.

It is important that we don’t allow the “Urgent” of our businesses taint our interactions with our clients and prospects. We have to believe that when we focus on what is important consistently and with authenticity the urgent will take care of itself and slowly fade from chaos to the well oiled machine of a business that is run with purpose.

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