When building a brand, it is essential to have a consistent message throughout your company’s content. Clients need to understand exactly who your company is and what it represents. Having an experienced marketing team to help your brand reflect its roots is helpful, but it is incumbent on the business end to develop a clear idea what their brand means. Reflecting on the growth that has occurred to this point, and visioning the ideal direction of the company, are two great exercises to identify the roots that run deep. It is crucial to do this work so you can discover the foundational identity of your brand and communicate it to your marketing department. Knowing and accurately communicating the roots of your business will make your brand compelling and attractive to clients.


Think back to when your brand was just an idea, a seedling. Before there was a business strategy to develop or sales meetings to attend, there was an idea. Even before you knew how to make it a reality, you were able to taste the potential. When you look back at this stage of your company’s development, think about the feelings you had, the excitement and sense of determination that overtook you. Begin to find ways to describe and elucidate these emotions in relatable ways to connect with your clients. Incorporating your original vision and the motivations that drove you to work so hard, will give your brand an authenticity and pulse that is very attractive to prospective clients.  


Next, revisit the little steps that it took to get the ball rolling. Focus on the consistent labor required to flourish your idea into reality. Everyday you went back to it, nurturing it, critiquing it and ensuring it had the resources and room to grow. Tap into the sacrifice and dedication that were necessary to transform your idea into a reality. During this stage, notice how important the roots of your business were. When the going got tough, it was the original aspiration that drew you back to work harder. When there were opportunities to cut corners or lose direction, these roots held you firm. The roots stabilized your goal, anchoring your business so it could grow tall and grounded.

In what areas did you see your original vision for your company emerge? What are the aspects that you feel most reflected the initial push for greatness?

brand identity brainstorm



Finally, begin to tie this story into your marketing strategy. It is essential for a business to reflect on its aspirations for direction, and to remember its origins and goals. Unfortunately, many companies don’t take the time to share this story with their customers. By leaving them out of its history, you have effectively disconnected them from the roots of your business. If they do not see the narrative of how you grew and flourished, they cannot picture themselves as a part of the identity. Communicating the roots of your business to clients makes the value of your blood, sweat and tears much more evident.

At Garlic Media, we understand the importance of having a marketing strategy that clearly communicates your company’s roots to your clients. We aim to develop a marketing strategy that project the ideals you have for your business, while reflecting the hard work it took for you to get here. By ensuring we understand your company from the ground up, we will be able to presents its history and ideals in a clear and engaging manner.

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