When mapping out the plan for your company’s online marketing campaign, there are many tactics and angels to keep in mind. You need to have a marketing team on hand that can help you navigate the world of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and get your company at the top of Google pages consistently. There are a few way to go about achieving this goal and both are increasingly relevant and important components for success.  

Two of the most common ways you can market online is with the use of Google AdWords and a combination of organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. There are a number of reasons why a company needs both of these tactics to succeed in SEM that we will begin to cover.



AdWords is owned by Google and therefore can only be used on google pages. For many businesses, having their advertisements on Google is enough but other companies may want to reach out to clients using other search engines like Bing or Yahoo. If you are considering using AdWords, you will begin by paying Google for the ad space. You can choose to either pay Google by the number of clicks on the ad or by the number of viewers to the ad. You will then see your ad pop up under your chosen google keyword results.


Organic SEO

When organic SEO methods are used, they prove to the search engine that your website accurately matches the content requested, and in return the search engine will increase your rankings on their website. This will not only aid your company on Google but also with other search engines. Organic SEO techniques include:

  • Keywords
  • Lists
  • Current content
  • Updated content
  • Hyperlinking to relevant and updated material
  • Long form content

These are just a few of the many ways to boost your site organically on Google and other search engine results.


How do AdWord and organic SEO differ in their results?

  1. As stated above, AdWords is specifically for Google and SEO can be used across the internet.
  2. You must pay for AdWords but SEO does not require payment to Google.  
  3. AdWords has more immediate results then SEO. Using SEO tactics may take a few month to put in place and see your company climb in rankings.
  4. Any web page that is run through a Google interface can also have your Adword placed on it but SEO will only show up in search page results.
  5. Once the Adword campaign has ended, that particular business traffic will stop. If you work on building your Organic SEO, it was last and continue to grow over time.


For the reasons listed above, it is easy to understand why it would take an experienced team of marketing professionals to properly balance and bring in business through online campaigns. It is important to work with a marketing team who understand your business and can help you build your brand through the use of both Adwords and organic SEO.  

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