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Garlic Media Group is Denver's experts in Digital Integrated Marketing. We provide Video Production from start to finish, site builds, SEO, and Social Media packages for overall brand development and maintenance in addition to business consulting.
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Business Consulting

Garlic Media Group has a consultative approach across the board with our clients and prospective clients. We have always felt that it is better to consult then sell, and if we are not the right fit as a company for your needs, we will direct you towards another solution.


On a service level we do offer consulting as a service as well. Sometimes an extra set of eyes and experience is the only thing holding a company back from its success.


Our partners have 100 years of business experience between them and have owned or been involved with businesses in the following industries; Health Care, Technology, Banking, Real Estate, Government, Military, IT, Data Center, Oil and Gas, Entertainment, Retail, Wholesale, Telecom, International Commerce.


Our consulting services are something we offer as a custom product offering. Pricing can vary depending on needs and industries and in some cases we partner directly with the client to insure a vested interest in their success. We can share some of the companies we have consulted with, however due to non-disclosures we are very limited on some of the bigger brands we have worked with. You most likely see these brands multiple times every day. We have worked with companies of all sizes; from start-up “kickstarter” campaigns to fortune 500 companies.


If you or your company have interest please utilize this contact form and one of our partners will be in touch with you shortly.