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Garlic Media Group is Denver's experts in Digital Integrated Marketing. We provide Video Production from start to finish, site builds, SEO, and Social Media packages for overall brand development and maintenance in addition to business consulting.
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What is DRO?

Digital Reach Optimization

DRO is not just another acronym our team likes to use to sound smart. It is our all-in-one B2B-B2C-POC-SEO-CPC-CRM-ROI-work-smarter-play-harder strategy that we bring to your company and brand.


Digital Reach Optimization was founded on the idea that website visitors are just website visitors until they become a customer. We see the potential in every interaction your company has online while staying laser-focused on your goal as a business owner: to gain more customers and to build great relationships.


Online marketing is not just about the best “tips and tricks to rank in Google” anymore. In today’s environment, marketing requires a broad-spectrum approach spanning website design, social media, content development, and a variety of other tactics.


That is where we come in.


So, What is DRO?


First, we want to tell you what DRO is not. It is not a check the box solution and it is not an a-la-carte service list that limits you once you have outgrown it.


Digital Reach Optimization is a service unique to Garlic Media Group that allows our team to be your strategic partner in online marketing. It is a flexible and fluid online marketing solution that relies on in-depth research and good communication between our team and yours. No DRO campaign is alike, because no two business are alike.


We love to tell stories and we see DRO as a tool to help you reach the right audience at the right time. We use every aspect of online market available to us in an integrated approach, from who finds you, to how they find you, to what they feel when they engage with your website.


We don’t make decisions blindly;  our actions are rooted in research, tracking, and analytics so that we can guide your company toward the most efficient use of marketing funds. Our team is constantly analyzing the behavior of your current and potential customers online so that we are able identify gaps and improve their experience. While our team works with you on a daily basis, we continually reevaluate our strategies on a quarterly basis to ensure that our efforts are supporting your business goals.


So What do I Get as a Partner of Garlic?


Our process starts with initial research that gives us a list of immediate actionable items that can kickstart your online presence. Our research is a collaborative process where we learn more about your business, competitors, products and services. We identify long-term and short-term goals with a list of tactics that always support your bottom line.


Every quarter we review our research, build an in-depth progress report and sit with you to evolve and improve our strategy.
We are problem solvers. And we are here for you.

The Plan

Each Project is set up in four, three-month campaigns. This insures our clients the most benefit when investing in an SEO product, and it enables us to provide ROI and real value!


DRO is a compounding product. Therefore, we structure all of our campaigns to kick off fast with the low hanging fruit we can find. We jump right into the discovery phase to identify the best strategies for your target audience/demographic.


As each campaign bridges into the next we present new strategy to help your company fluidly maintain the edge on your competition.


Let’s talk and see if we can bolster your business!

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