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Garlic Media Group is Denver's experts in Digital Integrated Marketing. We provide Video Production from start to finish, site builds, SEO, and Social Media packages for overall brand development and maintenance in addition to business consulting.
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Graphic Design & Branding

First impressions mean everything.

Garlic Media Group's In House Branding
Custom branding and logo design in Denver
Branding and logo design

When you’re meeting someone for the first time, you want to make the best first impression that  you can. In the business world, that often times means your logo and overall branding and design. Maybe it’s the first time you hand your business card to someone, or the first time you send someone to your website; regardless, this is your opportunity to make that impression.


Garlic Media Group specializes in custom branding packages that can easily compliment other services. Our designers have worked with multiple industries and always offer a full consultation to understand your needs. We then create something beautiful and impressionable.


Our Services in this department include: Logo Design, Overall Company Messaging, Business Card Design, Web Banners and Calls-To-Action, Pamphlets, Trade Show Materials, Site Mock-Ups, Infographics, Sales Decks, etc.


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