Social Media is always changing and every platform is doing what they can to keep people interested and keep up with expectations. In social marketing, we tend to utilize each platform differently, knowing that each audience is different and what works on Facebook, probably won’t work on LinkedIn. With that said, Instagram’s newest feature is definitely not groundbreaking, but they have decided to add a feature they know has already been successful on a different platform.

You may have noticed that Instagram just rolled out a new feature called “Stories” which allows you to post multiple images or videos spliced them together into a temporary narrative, separate from all your other Instagram posts.

“Stories” you say? But I thought that that was a Snapchat thing? Me too. And apparently, so does every one else. You don’t have to be an avid Snapchatter to have noticed that the entire interface of Instagram Stories looks and feels exactly like Snapchat. You are able to overlay text, emojis, drawings, etc., all of which are being used to express excitement, dismay, confusion or, more often than not, to promote Snapchat. The following posts represent the majority of what is being posted on Instagram Stories, but we are interested to see if people embrace it or if it causes a rift between the two platforms. Celebrities and brands from Kate Hudson to ASOS are weighing in. #teamsnapchat or #teaminstagram – which one will you be?

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