Whether you’re an established company or the new biz on the block, every marketing strategy needs to have a few key ingredients to be successful. At Garlic, we’ve worked with every type of business in all industries. Our approach to an effective media marketing strategy is to personalize each strategy to make it as effective as possible. So, let’s take a look at the five steps to a highly effective media marketing strategy.

Digital Reach Optimization

Effective Media Marketing Strategy

Market research is key to an effective media marketing strategy.

No company is the same. Therefore, we start each marketing strategy with a clean slate. We want to fully understand our clients and their goals before we start strategizing. What’s right for you isn’t right for everyone else. You may have similarities to other companies in your industry, but we want to focus on what makes you unique. From there, we’ll be able to hone in on your message and your target audience for digital reach optimization.

What is your goal?

The first step is to understand your goals. In the end, if your media marketing strategy isn’t helping you reach your goals, then it is not effective. A great marketing strategy leads to more customers and bigger sales. Anything else is a waste of time. However, there can be many ways to more customers. If your brand is new, you need to raise brand awareness. If you’ve made a public relations mistake, you’ll need to regain customer trust and rebuild your reputation.

Who is your customer?

How you build brand awareness or improve your image is going to depend on your target customer. Understanding your customers is going to help you shape your message. You need to get inside their heads, and then use that to build the right strategy.

How are you marketing?

Effective media marketing

Get inside the head of your target audience to make your media marketing strategy more effective.

We’re experts in media marketing strategy. However, there are still many mediums online, and you need to understand how each medium can work for your strategy, or how a medium may not be right for you. Our team can help you find the right medium for your brand to make your strategy as effective as possible.

What is your competition doing?

You also need to understand your competition. It’s important to use big data and research to understand what is working for your competition and what isn’t. Understanding your competition will help you differentiate yourself and help you stand out.

Be flexible

You need to set clear goals for an effective media marketing strategy. However, you have to remain flexible. You can’t be so set in your vision that you stick to a strategy that isn’t working. If you aren’t getting a return on your investment, you need to rethink your direction. Even when a strategy is working, you need to always remain flexible so that you can continue to tweak and improve the original strategy to make sure it is always as effective as possible.

Media Marketing Strategy

We don’t make decisions blindly; our actions are rooted in research, tracking, and analytics so that we can guide your company toward the most efficient use of marketing funds. Our team is constantly analyzing the behavior of your current and potential customers online so that we are able to identify gaps and improve their experience. While our team works with you on a daily basis, we continually re-evaluate our strategies on a quarterly basis to ensure that our efforts are supporting your business goals.

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