Handling Online Customer ComplaintsHaters are gonna hate. Unfortunately, in the age of social media, it’s much harder to ignore those haters. Ten years ago, you had to make a real effort to slam a brand or a company publically. Today, you can do it at the touch of a button without thinking twice. Oh, if only people would think twice. We cannot change this culture – at least, not anytime soon. So, the best thing is for businesses to understand how to handle the haters and respond to angry online customers.

Responding to online complaints

We all know you can’t please everyone. Not every customer is going to be satisfied. Every business should be equipped to handle online customer complaints. However, when the comments get personal and below-the-belt angry on social media, it can be jarring. Social media has allowed everyone to lead with their emotions. When you’re unhappy, what comes out isn’t always pleasant for the person on the receiving end.

When you get an emotionally charged grievance from a customer, your first instinct is to cry and hide and pretend you didn’t see the comment. However, ignoring it will only make it worse. Every customer, even the angry ones, will appreciate honesty and transparency. If you are going to thank a customer for a good review, you also have to handle a customer who is complaining.

Make the customer feel heard

Sometimes, the complaints are sent out quickly and may not include the most eloquent language. However, you need to read beyond harsh tone to get to the root of your customer complaint. Once you have identified the real problem, you need to respond honestly and directly. Hopefully, you’ll have a solution, or you can woo them back with a discount or a refund. However, even if they continue to be angry, your other customers will appreciate that you didn’t shy away from a tough situation. You hit the problem dead on, and you made the customer feel heard. Honesty and transparency are your best defense when you are dealing with an angry customer.Social media management

Consistent brand messaging

When you respond to customers, you need consistent brand messaging. The way you respond should reflect your corporate culture. You should be clear, concise, and consistent in all responses. You may have a gut instinct to lash out at complainers, but you have to always think about how your response is going to reflect on your brand.

Social Media Management

If you need help shaping your brand message and social media management, talk to the team at Garlic Media. We will help you use social media to further your brand, including properly handling online customer complaints.

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