The technological advancements the past few years have been incredible. Especially in regards to the state of corporate video. Companies continuously search for the elusive, “smaller, faster, cheaper, better,” way to target their current demographic resulting in a never-ending race to the top. Not to mention, an influx of ‘professionals,’ mass producing unengaging content on social media.

In 2017 video consumption saw explosive growth due to social media giants such as Facebook and the like. It has since changed how the corporate arena approaches the platforms they use. While video accounts for over 50 percent of mobile data consumed on Facebook, the number is expected to go up in the next four years. With that, there is an immense increase in live video feeds and the length at which people watch them – three times longer than on-demand video, to be exact.

The increase in live videos currently being watched suggests that corporations should consider its possibilities to deliver results and drive user engagement. The value of these live feeds creates a unique ability for those viewers to interact in real-time, making their overall experience more authentic.

As a result, corporate videos are designed to leverage 3 different types of streaming potential.

  • Product Launches
  • Advice/Tutorials
  • Exclusive/ Behind-the-Scenes Footage


This growth also creates an excellent opportunity for professional freelancers, video editors and camera operators to thrive in a corporate setting.

Today, just about anyone can purchase an HD video camera. Heck most of us have them on our cell phones. In fact, HD editing programs are readily available on most computers, which makes half of the population ‘think’ they are professionals. Ask YouTube and its 136 million, plus users. However, just because we all have the power to produce content, doesn’t mean we all can tell creative, and compelling stories that communicate specific messages to support a company’s brand.

As such, it’s essential that companies hire professional content creators/producers that are capable of tackling everything that goes into making a corporate video successful. And yes, it is possible to create affordable, high-quality content on YouTube. While producing and distributing simple in-house videos has become more simple, shoving just the basics out is not going to convert the way you think it should. Well presented content can help you define your brand, leaving a positive impact in its wake.

Garlic Media Group is already ahead of the curve. With it’s in-house team of video production and marketing experts, we are able to take care of your web, video, social, and online marketing needs while creatively tackling modern technology to generate strong ROI numbers. Interested in how Garlic can help you grow your business? Reach out to us today!

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