Lake San Cristobal

Here at Garlic, we’re often asked to share content from the projects we’re working on. For a number of reasons, we usually have to keep our lips sealed. However, CBS Denver was on hand for our latest shoot and the secret’s out, so in this case we get to showcase an incredible production and product.

Two Red Epic Dragon cameras

We shot for Apollo Energy Gum over 3 days in Denver and on location at Lake San Cristobal, near Lake City and Telluride. With 3 Red Epic Dragon cameras capable of shooting at 6K (that’s 6 times more detailed footage than HD 1080p), an incredible drone operated by RC Aerial Cam, and a top-notch crew, we were able to get some amazing shots of a truly epic stunt.

Breaking the lake surface

The centerpiece of the shoot was a jet pack piloted by Guinness World Record holder Eric Scott. Eric suited up and strapped on the jet pack before walking out into the lake until he was fully submerged. After a few seconds we had liftoff as Eric burst out of the water and rose high above our heads, then turned and traversed 100 yards across the lake to dry land. The water-to-land launch was an impressive feat that had never been accomplished before, and it yielded some beautiful shots.

Scouting the launch site

We’re excited to put the footage together, so stay tuned for the final product – it’ll blow your mind. This video is the launching point for a brand new industry: energy gum. Apollo Energy Gum is a local Denver-based company that is poised to go global in short order. For inquiries, email or

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